How to group media together

Sometimes you might want to group media together, for example packshots of one product. Documents belonging to one product or service etc.

QBank offers a possibility to group medias together. If you have a set of similar assets, you can create a group instead of having them all show side by side.

Follow these steps to group your assets together:

  1. Select multiple assets that you would like to group
  2. Navigate to the More button in the upper right corner 
  3. Choose Group "Asset" under More
  4. Group you assets


In the thumbnail overview, assets that are part of a group is indicated by an icon:


When looking at the asset detail, any grouped assets will be shown with smaller thumbnails below the main image:


To see metadata details for a grouped asset, simply double-click on it. By hovering over a grouped asset you can either remove it from the group or promote it to parent asset.

Remove / add 

If you open a grouped folder you can remove media or make any media in the group the parent.

If you want to add more media to the group you just mark the group and the media you want to add, click on more and then group media. You can also Ungroup them all.