How to create a scheduled task in QBank

In QBank you can schedule a publication. Sometimes you might want to prepare everything but publish something on a certain point in time. Instead of manually keeping track you can use Qbanks scheduling function to do it for you.

You can select to publish or unpublish an asset from a specific publishing channel by a certain time or date. Follow the steps below to set up a scheduled task in QBank. 


  1. In the Library, select one or multiple assets you want to schedule a date for publication.
  2. Navigate the Schedule task in the upper right corner of your QBank.
  3. Set up detail in the pop-up box, confirm it by clicking the Schedule.
  4. You can also add an unpublished date for all these assets.
  5. Click Schedule Unpublish to open up a field, fill in detail and click the Schedule to confirm it.
  6. Now you will have these assets scheduled for publication between 16 March to 23 March.

The Schedule task button is located in the top right corner


Now you can confirm it by clicking the Schedule button. You can also add an unpublished date by clicking the Schedule Unpublish button in the pop-up box for a temporary publication.