How the AI feature, reverse image search works

QBank offers searchability that is fast and accurate, but sometimes the search depends on more than just your assets and how they are tagged. With the Reverse Image Search, you will extend your search possibilities and results.

IMPORTANT: This is and Addon in QBank, Please contact your sales representative if you would like to get more information about the feature.

Why would you need the "Reverse Image Search"?

  • You are looking for an old image that you really don't know or remember where it was published, or an image used by another department

  • You know exactly what you are looking for and just wish to get a search result with all different versions of that image, like crops, resizes, resolutions, etc.

  • You have an image that has the right tone or light and you wish to find a similar one

These search scenarios are all great for the Reverse Image Search, an AI-based feature where you basically ask QBank to find the same image in different versions or images similar to that one.

For example, you found an image with a text layer added to it:


...but what you really need is the image without the text layer, located in your QBank.

In order to make it work,


  1. Choose the image you wanna use and Drag & Drop it to the Reverse Image Search (bar)
  2. Wait until QBank process the research
  3. You're done

In our example, you just need to drag and drop that image (with the text layer) to the reverse image search bar located at the bottom like the image below:


QBank will then find all the similar images, in this case it will retrieve our image without the text layer:



If you are interested by this feature, please contact for a demonstration of this AI package and learn how it can benefit your company.