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Welcome to our Knowledge base! We are excited to have you as part of the QBank community, whether you are a new customer, a new user, or a returning user seeking information.

Let us introduce you to our Knowledge Base, knowledge.qbankdam.com. We have curated a diverse collection of informative articles and user guides to assist you in getting started, making progress, and optimizing your experience with QBank.. 

NOTE: The Knowledge Base will continuously be improved and filled with more information. Please let us know if you are missing any information and we will do our best serving you with a new or improved article about it! Contact Linda and let her know! 

The knowledge Base is divided into different areas to help you find what you are looking for

  • New to QBank
    • Welcome to QBank - Helps you as a new customer or user to get to know QBank better
    • Onboarding at QBank - Introduces you to the onboarding process and what what will happen in each step (Coming Q2 2023)
    • During Onboarding - Helps you prepare during onboarding, gives you tips and tricks and best practises when setting up your first QBank (Coming Q2 2023)
  • Get started with QBank 
    • Introduction to QBank the Tool - get a better understanding of how QBank works and gives you a understanding to the basis
    • Get started forman Administrator perspective - understand the basic functionalities in QBank from an administrator perspective
    • Get started from an editor perspective - understand the basic functionalities in QBank from an editor perspective

We hope we cover everything needed to get started with QBank, But also to build a long lasting relationship built on high perceived value. We now QBank can help your organization both drive top line growth and bottom line savings. 

We are always keen on improving and highly appreciate your feedback, please let us know if an article is help ful or not, and if you are missing anything please let us now and we will ad it to our content backlog. 

Help us improve and let us know if your are missing something or if we should improve anything?