Drag and drop an asset to a filter folder

Filter folders ar dynamic folders based on metadata, you can now also drag and drop files to filter folders and get an option to add needed metadata to meet the folder requirements.

When adding an asset from the library to a filterfolder you can use drag and drop.

The asset will not be directly added, but you are able to verify if the asset matches the filters on your folder. 

An alert message will pop up up if the media doesn't match, and you are able to edit your media.

Unfamiliar to filter folders, get started through this article (To be added)

How to approach this step by step:

1. Drag you media to a filter folder in your left panel


2. An alert message will show up if your media don't match the filter


3. If you want the media to match the folder, click on Edit Button and edit you media to match the filter on you folder. And save your edit media. In my case here I need to tag my media with Photo type Environment

4. After you have edit your media you will find your media within you filter folder you drag and dropped it to